Electric Submersible Pumps

Electric Submersible Pumps

NES Hire has electric submersible pumps available for hire, sourced from well-known reliable and trusted brands. We have industrial submersible pumps available now that can cover all your needs from stream diversions to sewage management and with a range of pumping capacities available. NES Hire submersible electric pumps have multiple uses from dewatering of underground or open-pit mines and quarries to lowering water tables or stormwater as well as temporary pumping tasks. We supply many industries with industrial submersible pumps to complete key tasks such as pumping tailing ponds at power stations, pumping industrial wastewater and transferring ship ballast water. Our submersible pump range includes pumps suitable for emergency drainage, ground or storm water removal and pumping tanks or bulk sumps ahead of schedule. Talk to our experienced team to hire the right submersible pump for the job.

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